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Solaris no longer free: The FUD around OpenSolaris
There have been many articles posted on the demise of OpenSolaris now that Oracle/Sun made Solaris a paid download.

To clear up

1. Solaris GA releases ( Solaris 10 u1 - uX ) were never open sourced.
2. Solaris code base was open sourced under the CDDL. The Solaris Express and OpenSolaris distros came out of this
3. Belenix ( ) is a distro created by Moinak Ghosh and Sriram Ram Naraynan ( who is from ThoughtWorks ). It is built on the OpenSolaris code base
4. The word "OpenSolaris" itself means three things a. The distro b. The code base c. the community
5. Most of the OpenSolaris code base is available at This is the source belenix is built on.
6. Thanks to the CDDL, Belenix development can go on.

For any further questions, post to the Bangalore OpenSolaris User Group at

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