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RIM: Make it easy for us to develop Blackberry Apps
I want to develop a Blackerry App for Mingle Murmurs

Here are RIM's terms and conditions for signing up for the App World:

Administration Service Fee

  • There will be an initial $200 USD administration service fee in order to complete registration and submit applications.

  • In the event your account is not approved, this $200 USD administration service fee will be refunded.
  • This initial fee will allow for ten (10) application submissions.

  • If you have used all ten (10) application submissions, an additional $200 USD administration service fee will be applied on your next submission, adding another ten (10) application submissions to your account.

  • Multiple versions of the same application will not count as separate submissions. (Example: An application might have a version for the BlackBerry Storm and the BlackBerry Bold)

  • An upgrade to your application, resulting in a submission of new COD files, will be counted against your ten (10) application submissions.

  • Resubmission of a rejected application will be counted against your ten (10) application submissions.

  • Removal of an application will not affect your remaining balance of application submissions.

All I want to do is to write a simple free BB application. Paying 200 USD for it is too much!

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Selenium Book


2010-09-21 04:19 am (UTC)

Any updates on the selenium book you were writing. Its scrapped or still under progress

@anonymous - The work on the book is stalled for now as I dont have the time to pursue it

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