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Falling in love with Black and White photography
I have always loved black and white photographs. They seem more.. "expressive" to me than color photographs though I really cannot explain why.

The Lonely Guitarist

This is my all time favorite picture. I was passing through Place D' Arts metro station in Montreal and I found this old gentleman playing the guitar ( And he was playing really well )
The Lonely Guitarist

A flight of stairs at St Joseph's Oratory
I went to St Joseph's Oratory of Mont Royal and found a bunch of stairs at the side of the building, leading towards the top.

This picture would have made a very ordinary color photograph - but it looks much better in black and white

Just a flight of stairs at St John's Oratory

Jacques Cartier Bridge Montreal
This photograph was taken while I was sitting on the front seat of a running taxi. The iron-alloy pillars and support structures give some depth to the photograph. I had taken this picture in color mode initially , but when I converted it into black and white the "effect" of the depth really came out:

jacques cartier bridge montreal

Pier 21 - Halifax Harbor front
Millions of immigrants passed thorough this port to enter Canada. This is Canada's Ellis Island. I wanted to capture the notice in the foreground with George's Island in the background - did a poor job at it.

The view from Pier 21 - millions of immigrants arrived here during the World Wars and later


Most photographs of static objects and people look more beautiful in Black and White than in color. Or maybe it's just my perception

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