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KDE4 development picks up speed: Roadmap Released
These are truly interesting times.

KDE4 development has really picked up speed. Anybody who's interested to contribute to KDE (sutanu are you reading this?) Should really pull his/her socks up and jump into KDE development

In short, the release cycle will be as follows:

1) Subsystem Freeze : 1st april 2007
2) KDE Libs Hackathon : 15th april 2007 to 21st april 2007
3) First Alpha release 1st May 2007
4) Usability and accessibility review : 8th May 2007
5) Feature Freeze: 1st June 2007
6) Beta Cycle: Full kdelibs api freeze 25 June 2007
7) Release Candidate Cycle 25 September 2007
8) KDE4 Release Date 23 October 2007

For the complete release cycle, please visit The KDE4 Release Roadmap

Why this is a good time for college programmers

For people who really want to jump into KDE programming, this is the best time.
For people who are interested in seeing how a huge six million line piece of software is developed, it presents a great learning oppurtunity

I have always loved open source for the fact that it is a great learning oppurtunity.
I've heard so many people and companies say.. let's "use" Open Source for our benefit.
What they do not realise that it alienates the very community that they plan to "use".

Let those people do what they really want to do.

But if you wanna jump into the KDE world, this is the right time to do so.
If for nothing else for the learning oppurtunity that it presents to them

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